This page is dedicated to Chicago tenor saxophone legend Earl Lavon "Von" Freeman (b. Oct 3, 1922).

Von Freeman , Ed Peterson and band at the Green Mill in Chicago July 2000
(photo courtesy of Sharman Lichtenstein)

A short biography of Von Freeman:

At age 16 Von played tenor in Horace Henderson's big band for a year. He was drafted into the Navy during WWII and after his return to Chicago he played with his brothers George on guitar and Bruz (Eldrige) on drums at the Pershing Hotel Ballroom. Various leading jazzmen such as Charlie Parker, Roy Eldridge and Dizzy Gillespie played there with the Freeman's as the backing band. In the early 50s Von played in Sun Ra's band. Von's first venture into the recording studio was for Andrew Hill's second single on the Ping label. He did some recording for Vee Jay with Jimmy Witherspoon and Al Smith in the late fifties and appeared and was recorded at a Charlie Parker tribute concert in 1970. It was not until 1972 that Von first recorded under his own name with the support of Roland Kirk. His next effort was a marathon session in 1975 released over 2 albums by Nessa. Since then his recordings have included 3 albums with his son, the tenorist Chico Freeman.  Von is considered a founder of the Chicago school of jazz tenorists along with Gene Ammons, Johnny Griffin and Clifford Jordan.

Von's recorded output is not prolific for his years on the scene, in fact it has probably taken off most in the last ten years or so. His vinyl LPs can be hard to track down especially those that have not yet received CD release, but he still lives in Chicago and can be caught playing live there on a regular basis.


RIP - Chicago drummer and Von's long time friend and collaborator Wilbur Campbell died Thursday, Dec. 30, aged 73 at his South Side home 

Von has released a new CD, a tenor duet with Ed Petersen, called "Von and Ed" on Delmark.

Von Freeman's 75th Birthday Tribute --Chicago -August 30, 1997 by Ken Waxman

    "People ask me why I didn't leave Chicago?" queried tenor saxophonist Von Freeman, at centre stage on The Petrillo Bandshell for his 75th birthday tribute as the Saturday night finale of this year's Chicago Jazz Festival.  "It's because I love Chicago and it loves me," he concluded. And then the gray-haired, loquacious, patriarch of the city's jazz musicians, proceeded to play a hearty chorus of "I Hear A Rhapsody," before introducing the other musicians on stage.

    Indeed the love and respect Freeman takes as his due could be seen not only in the rapturous response to his appearance, which came from the thousands of fans gathered in Chicago's Grant Park for the 19th annual edition of the festival, but also from the musicians who participated in the tribute.  Prominent among them at first was seasoned club vocalist Bettye Jean Reynolds, who has been part of the Freeman nightclub "show" for years and his brother, guitarist George Freeman, "who has been with me all his life," as Von declared. That crew, backed by Chicago piano legend John Young, sporting his trademark white cap; young bassist Rob Amster and veteran, but still many years Freeman's junior, drummer Mike Raynor performed their distinctive versions of a couple of jazz standards.  Then it was star time.

    Welcoming his son, New York-based tenor saxophonist Chico Freeman, Von allowed that he thought of all his musicians as if they were members of his family "like George Freeman ... Bettye Jean Freeman ... John Freeman ... Mike Freeman... Rob Freeman and ... Jack DeJohnette Freeman." Just then surprise guest drummer Jack DeJohnette, another former Chicagoan strolled on stage. With DeJohnette taking his place behind Raynor's drumkit, this new grouping went through a version of "Softly In A Morning Sunrise," with plenty of solo space for everyone.

    Joined by diminutive trumpeter Brad Goode and with Young yielding his piano bench to AACM founder Jodie Christian, the group subsequently swung through "Speak Low". And that was a comment that could never be attributed to Von, who likes to keep a level of dialogue going at all times, no matter the topic.

    After another tune that featured up-and-coming alto saxophonist Rudi Mahanthappa, who like Von helps organize jam sessions throughout the city, scat singer Kurt Elling, wandered on stage. Antimately waving his outstretched hands, he  led the massed players through a ragged version of "Happy Birthday To You". Soon the crowd was on its feet demanding an encore as Von acknowledged  the applause.

    Calling for silence and joking that "the polices" would soon be called if the gathering didn't behave itself, Von  graciously thanked everyone involved in his tribute, and retreated offstage playing an a cappella version of "Red Top", the old Gene Ammons hit from the 1940s.

    Earlier dapper Von had confessed jocularly that "I was going to get a new suit and tie for the occasion. But then I figured doing what I did before this got me here in the first place, so why do it?"

    He was right. The concert was a long overdue tribute to one of the world's many journeymen jazz musicians. These local legends are the ones who stick close to home, keeping the music alive and playing in as many situations as they can find. Freeman's distinctive, burry tone and open mind have over the years allowed him to work with stylists as disparate as Sun Ra and Horace Henderson and with innovators as notable as Charlie Parker and Muhal Richard Abahams.

    Yet while the past couple of decades has finally seen his work committed to LP and CD in different settings, his ultimate legacy may be the jam sessions he led and continues to lead all over the city . Those sessions, which have been going on for more than 40 years and which have encouraged and inspired scores of  young players, some of whom shared the stage with him that night, are as important as any universal fame or encyclopedia reference.

Copyright (c) Ken Waxman 1997
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Charlie Parker

Rec. October 23, 1950 at the Pershing Hotel Ballroom, Chicago.  Inferior sound because the tape was recorded off of a dressing room speaker, and some items are marred by conversation.
Charlie Parker (as), unknown (voc 1), Von Freeman (ts), George Freeman (g), Chris Anderson (p), Leroy Jackson (b), Bruz Freeman (d)

Early set:
I Can't Get Started
Out of Nowhere
Get Happy

Late set:
Hot House
Embraceable You -1
Body and Soul -1
Cool Blues
Stardust -1 [inc]
All the Things You Are [inc]
Billie's Bounce
Pennies from Heaven [inc]

Last set:
There's a Small Hotel
These Foolish Things [inc]
Keen and Peachy [inc]
Hot House [inc]
Swivel Hips (perv. IDed as Bird, Bass, and Out) [inc]
Goodbye [inc]

Stash CD STB 2500
Recorded in the Pershing Hotel, Chicago on October 23, 1950 where the Von Freeman group was the house band.
Charlie Parker (as), unknown (voc), Von Freeman (ts), unknown (tb), George Freeman (g), Chris Anderson (p), Leroy Jackson (b), Bruz Freeman (d)

Pennies from Heaven (Johnston/Burke) (2:55)

Note: This is session no. 133 in John C. Burton's Charlie Parker discography.  Robert Campbell informs me that the last set which contains Swivel Hips, a song composed by Claude McLin and recorded by his band for Chess and therefore that makes it pretty unlikely that Von was in the band for that set. 

Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker (as), unknown (voc 1), Von Freeman (ts), George Freeman (g), Chris Anderson (p), Leroy Jackson (b), Bruz Freeman (d)

1.  Indiana (5:57)
2.  I Can't Get Started with Country Gardens Tag (2:49)
3.  Anthropology (5:20)
4.  Out of Nowhere (2:48)
5.  Get Happy (5:36)
6.  Hot House (5:06)
7.  Embraceable You (2:01)
8.  Body and Soul (2:16)
9.  Cool Blues (3:15)
10. Stardust (:57) - v
11. All the Things You Are (3:08) - v
12. Billie's Bounce (3:13)
13. Pennies From Heaven (3:21)

Notes from Robert Campbell:  Edited to Bird solos.  I don't think this is the same night as the following, more famous, session, but likely the same gig.
Info from Bregman, Bukowski and Saks, The Charlie Parker Discography, published by Cadence Jazz Books, 1993:
All titles from the first two sets were released on Zim ZM 1003 (LP) and JUTB CD 3008. All titles from the last set released on Savoy LP SJL 1132 and Savoy
CD 4423 as well as JUTB CD 3008. Partial titles (prob. just "There's a Small Hotel, which runs 10 or 11 minutes) on Savoy Jazz CD-0154. 

Charlie Parker
Savoy SJL 1132 (LP)
Rec. October 1950 at the Pershing Hotel Ballroom, Chicago on a private tape
Charlie Parker (as), Von Freeman (ts), George Freeman (g), Chris Anderson (p), Leroy Jackson (b), Bruz Freeman (d)

1. There's a Small Hotel (10:09)
2. These Foolish Things (2:06)
3. Keen and Peachy (4:53)
4. Hot House (9:00)
5. Bird, Bass and Out (Rhythm tune) (3:34)
6. Goodbye (with voiceover) (3:08)

Notes from Robert Campbell: This set was issued in 1960 in edited form by Savoy (MG 12152) as "An Evening at Home with the Bird," which has been reissued on CD by Denon and includes items 1-4 with some editing and duplicating.  An excellent live session.  The recordings of the horns and guitar are very good fidelity. A definitive version of Hot House.  On the original issue, the tenor solo was repeated on Small Hotel, as was Bird's solo on Foolish Things, and the closing Keen and Peachy theme was grafted onto the beginning. Other solos are edited out, and appause is added.  The later LP issue apppears to use the complete source tape undoctored.  The tenor player could be Claude McLin.  Bird, Bass and Out starts at the Bird Solo, and there is a riff head played by the Tenor.  This is probably some original tune from the backup band's book with a real name.  Goodby is some kind of a very morose closing theme. This may be part of the same night's performance as the previous session, but there is no overlap of tunes.  I tend to doubt that is the case. 

Andrew Hill

After Dark (Von Freeman)/Down Patrick
Ping 1003 - 45 & 78 r.p.m. versions
Rec. c.1956
Von Freeman (ts), Pat Patrick (bs), Wilbur Campbell (d)

Jimmy Witherspoon

The following tracks were released:

Rec. January 16, 1959, in Chicago
Jimmy Witherspoon(vo) acc. by Riley Hampton's Orchestra: John Avant (tb), Von Freeman (ts), McKinley Easton (as, bs), Earl Washington (p), Lefty Bates (g), Earl Backus (elg), Quinn Wilson (b), Al Duncan (d)

Kansas City (aka K.C. Loving)   Vee Jay LP 1020, Co 33SX1417
Everything But You                     Vee Jay 322 (45)
I Know I Know                          Vee Jay CD 711

Note:  Info courtesy of Armin Buetnner

Al Smith and his Orchestra
unissued recordings:

Rec. Universal Recording, Chicago, March 27, 1959
Al Smith (ldr), George "Sonny" Cohn (tp), Norman Rich (as, ts), Von Freeman (ts, arr), Lefty Bates (eg), Horace Parlan (p), McKinley Easton (b), Quinn Wilson (b), Al Duncan (d).

59-1112 Jay's Jam                     Vee Jay (unissued)
59-1113 Cool Blues                         -
59-1114 Indiana                              -
59-1115 South 2 West Blues           -

Notes: This information is from an Al Smith Discography by Robert Campbell and Armin Büettner (shortly to be posted to the web).  Robert informs me that Al led the house bands at Chance (1952-1954) and Vee Jay (1954-1959 or so). By the time this session was cut, he'd hung up the string bass and he later became Jimmy Reed's manager and dropped out of bandleading.

Edward "Bunky" Redding

Rec. Chicago, Spring 1959

Edward "Bunky" Redding (voc); Sonny Cohn (tp); Morris Brice (frh); Frank Strozier (as); Von Freeman (ts, prob. arr); McKinley Easton (bs); Floyd
Morris (p); Lefty Bates (g); Quinn Wilson (b); Marshall Thompson (dr); eight unidentified strings

963             Devoted To Debbie               Apex 7753, Chess 1741
964             Come On Home                            -               -

Note:  Info from Armin Buettner who obtained it from Jepsen's Jazz Records. 

Various Artists

Cadet (1970)

Von Freeman

Atlantic SD 1628 (LP - 1972)
Rec. 1972 at Atlantic Recording Studios, NY
Produced by Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Von Freeman (ts), John Young (p), Sam Jones (b), Jimmy Cobbs (d)

1. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Ewan MacColl) 4:31
2. White Sand (Von Freeman) 4:40
3. Lost In A Fog (Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh) 7:47
4. Portrait of John Young (Von Freeman) 6:47
5. Doin' It Right Now (Von Freeman) 4:50
6. Catnap (Von Freeman) 4:37
7. Sweet and Lovely (Gus Arnheim, Harry Tobias, Jules Lemare) 5:55
8. Brother George (Von Freeman) 8:07

Note: this is Von's solo recording debut

George Freeman
Delmark DS 424 (1972)
Rec. at Ter-Mar Recording Studios
George Freeman (g), Von Freeman (ts), Maurice McIntyre (ts), Lester Lashley (tb), Sonny Burke (org), Robert Pierce (org), Billy Mitchell (d)

1. Mama, Papa, Brother
2. Cough It Up
3. My Scenery
4. Must Be, Must Be
5. Birth Sign
6. Hoss
7. My Ship

Von Freeman

Nessa 6 (LP)
Rec. June 11, 1975 at Sound Studios Inc, Chicago
Von Freeman (ts), John Young (p), David Shipp (b), Wilbur Campbell (d)

Von Freeman
Nessa 11 (England) (LP); Chief CD3 (England) (CD - 1989)
Rec. June 11, 1975 at Sound Studios Inc, Chicago
Von Freeman (ts), John Young (p), David Shipp (b), Wilbur Campbell (d)

1. Serenade In Blue (Glenn Miller)
2. After Dark (Von Freeman)
3. Time After Time (Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn)
4.. Von Freeman's Blues (Von Freeman)
5. I'll Close My Eyes*

Notes: *extra track on CD re-issue

Von Freeman
Steeplechase SCCD 31351

Von Freeman

Affinity AFF 184 (LP - UK 1988)
Rec. August 12, 1977 live in concert at the Singer Concert Hall, Laren, The Netherlands
Von Freeman (ts), John Young (p), David Shipp (b), Charles Walton (d)

1. I'll Close My Eyes (B. Reid, B. Kaye) 25:40
2. Young and Foolish (A. Hague) 17:08
3. Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson) 9:20

Von Freeman
Timeless 306

Various Artists

Bee Hive BH 7014 (LP - 1983)
Rec. September 5, 1981 at P.S. Studios, Chicago
Clifford Jordan (ts), Von Freeman (ts), Cy Touf (b tp), Norman Simmons (p), Victor Sproles (b), Wilbur Campbell (d)

1. Hyde Park After Dark (Clifford Jordan) 7:14
2. Your're Blase (Siever, Hamilton) 6:19
3. Lotus Blossum (Kenny Dorham) 6:11
4. Sad Sam (Norman Simmons) 6:51
5. I Waited For You (Gillespie, Russell) 5:31
6. I'm Glad There Is You (Dorsey, Maderia) 3:28
7. 20 East, 30 West (John Lewis) 6:48

Chico Freeman

India Navigation 1070 (LP; CD - 1989)
Rec. April 1981 in concert at The N.Y. Shakespeare Festival's Public Theatre
Chico Freeman (ts), Von Freeman (ts), Kenny Barron (p), Muhal Richard Abrams (p - 3 only), Cecil McBee (b), Jack DeJohnette (d)

1. I Can't Get Started (Vernon Duke & Ira Gershwin) 8:32
2. Paying New York Dues 20:38
3.The Shadow of Your Smile (Johnny Mandel) 6:54
4. Lover Man (Ram Ramirez) 6:32
5. Undercurrents (Cecil McBee) 14:59
6. I Remember You 5:42
7. Jug Ain't Gone 10:28

Chico Freeman
CBS FC 37972
Rec. CBS Recording Studios, New York rel. 1982.
Von Freeman (ts), Chico Freeman (ts 6-9), Kenny Barron (p 6-9), Cecil McBee (b 6-9), Jack DeJohnette (d  6-9)
Wynton, Branford and Ellis Marsalis (1-5), Charles Fambrough (b 1-5), James Black (d 1-5)

1.Twelve's It (4:20)
2.A Joy Forever (3:58)
3.Nostalgic Impressions (4:58)
4.Futuristic (4:08)
5.Lush Life (Billy Strayhorn) (4:21)
6.Jug Ain't Gone (3:50)
7.Time Marches On (5:35)
8.I Can't Get Started (Vernon Duke & Ira Gershwin) (4:12)
9.Tribute to Our Fathers (7:40)


Joanie Pallatto
Southport SSD 0007 (LP - 1986)
Recorded 1986
Joanie Pallatto (vo), Von Freeman (ts), Willie Pickens, Eldee Young, Robert Shy, Bradley Parker-Sparrow (p)

Von Freeman

Southport SSD 0010
Rec. Sparrow Sound Design, Chicago rel. 1989
Von Freeman (ts), Jon Logan (p), Carroll Crouch (b), Wilbur Campbell (d), Kenny Prince (p), Dennis Caroll (b), Mike Raynor (d).

1. Walkin' Tuff
2. Bruz, George & Chico
3. Nature Boy
4. But Beautiful
5. Every Tub
6. How Deep Is The Ocean
7. Blues For Sunnyland
8. Little Willie Leaps

Note: this was Von's first appearance on CD

Chico Freeman
Black Saint 120 128 (LP; CD - 1989)
Rec. August 12, 19, 22, 29 & 31, 1988 at Sound Ideas Studio, NYC
E.J. Allen (tp/fhn), Chico Freeman (ts/as/ss/bcl/Roland D50), Von Freeman (ts/p), Geri Allen (p), Donald Pate (b), Victor Jones (d), Norman Hedman (perc)

1. Liberian Girl (M. Jackson) 5:26
2. Mist (C. Freeman) 3:06
3. The Trespasser (C. Freeman) 7:00
4. House of Dreams (D. Griffin) 4:21
5. The Duty (C. Freeman, J. Brandon) 2:38
6. You'll know when You Get There (C. Freeman, E. J.. Allen) 8:18
7. Mercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology) (M. Gaye) 6:30
8. No. 7 (for Andrew Hill) (C. Freeman) 7:33
9. I Remember (J. H. Mercer, V. Schertzinger) 2:01

Strata Institute

DIW 860
Rec. January 1991 at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY
Von Freeman (ts), Steve Coleman (as), Greg Osby (as), David Gilmore (g), Kenny Davis (ac b), Marvin 'Smitty' Smith (d)

1. Against 2 (Steve Coleman) (5:43)
2. Mr. Lucky (Henry Mancini) (9:38)
3. Speake (Steve Coleman) (7:57)
4. Knowledge of Cult (Steve Coleman) (4:38)
5. If You Could See Me Now (Tadd Dameron, C. Sigman) (6:03)
6. Minor Step (Steve Coleman) (10:27)
7. Kahn (Greg Osby) (6:02)
8. Hey Jim! (Jams Moody, B. Gonzalez) (5:04)
9. Its You (Steve Coleman) (6:32)
10. Thebes (David Gilmore) (6:19)

Steve Coleman
RCA/Novus 63125
Rec. April 1991
Steve Coleman (as), Von Freeman (ts), Kenny Wheeler (tp, flhn), Kevin Eubanks (g), Tommy Flanagan (p), Dave Holand (b), Ed Blackwell (d, perc),
Marvin Smitty Smith (d, perc)

Sparrow Shortwave
Southport SSD 0014 (1991)
Recorded 19??
Von Freeman (ts), Bradley Parker-Sparrow (p), Billy Brimfield, Redd Holt

1. The Shortwave
2. The Desert Rat
3. Vocal Rats
4. Swing Rat
5. Rats
6. Lost Rat
7. Cuban Rat
8. Brazilian Rats
9. Epilogue

Von Freeman

Steeplechase SCCD 31310 (CD)
Rec. May 1992 in Sparrow Sound Design, Chicago
Von Freeman (ts), Jodie Christian (p), Eddie De  Haas (b), Wilbur Campbell (d)

1. The End of a Love Affair
2. I'll Remember April 

Von Freeman Quartet
Steeplechase SCCD 31320
Rec. May 1992 in Sparrow Sound Design, Chicago
Von Freeman (ts), Jodie Christian (p), Eddie De  Haas (b), Wilbur Campbell (d)

1. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
2. Alone Together
3. I Love You

Yusef Lateef
YAL 911
Yusef Lateef (ts), Von Freeman (ts), John Young (p), John Whitfield (b), Terry Morrisette (d)
Rec. July 1992 
Louis Smith

Steeplechase SCCD 31336 (CD)
Recorded April 1993 in Sparrow Sound Design, Chicago
Louis Smith (tp), Von Freeman (ts0, Jodie Christian (p), Eddie De Haas (b), Wilbur Campbell (d)

Au Privave

George Freeman

Southport SSD 0027
Recorded 1995, Chicago
George Freeman (el g), Von Freeman (p), Penny Pendleton (b), Mike Raynor (d)

1. There Will Never be Another You (Gordon, Warren) 7:51
2. I should Care (Stordahl, Cahn) 9:52
3. Time Was (Prado, Russell) 7:31
4. Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho (Trad) 9:23
5. I Remember You (Mercer, Scertinger) 10:15
6. I Wish I Knew (Warren, Gordon) 6:36
7. Emanon (Gillespie, Shaw) 13:02

Southport SSD 0035
Recorded June 24, 1995, Chicago
Joanie Pallatto (vo), Von Freeman (ts), Bradley Parker-Sparrow (p), Tatsu Aoki (b), Michael Raynor (d)

1. The Thin Line (B.P. Sparrow) 5:30
2. Night Music 5:38
3. A Sparrow 8:51
4. Tatsu's Groove 6:04
5. I Need Something 3:33
6. Mode For Von 10:33
7. Blank White Page 2:20
8. Sudden Duet 2:07
9. Michael's Choice 5:37
10.Clinton (George That Is) 12:12

Note: Music on tracks 2-10 improvised by the 5 musicians, in addition #10 includes six samples from "Sample Some of Disc-Sample Some of D.A.T." Vol. 3 by
George Clinton.

April Aloisio
Southport SSD 0023 (1995)
April Aloisio (voc), Von Freeman (tenor sax)

1. Man I Love, The
2. One Note Samba
3. Duid Deed
4. True
5. So Tinha De Ser Com Voce
6. Nica's Dream
7. E Hermeto
8. Bebe
9. Centerpiece
10. O Morro Nao Tem Vez
11. Agua De Beber
12. It Ain't Necessarily So
13. You Go To My Head
14. David
15. Meditation
16. Love For Sale

Joanie Pallatto
Southport SSD 0032 (1995)
Recorded 19??
Joanie Pallatto (vo), Von Freeman (ts), Willie Pickens, Bradley Parker-Sparrow (p)

1. This Doesn't Happen All The Time
2. Sconsolato
3. In A Mellow Tone
4. Save Your Love For Me
5. Live!
6. Get Out Of Town
7. All Blues
8. Looking For Duke
9. Barbara Song
10. Carefully Taught
11. Minor Catastrophe
12. Sleepy
13. Beyond The Wave
14. Blue In Green
15. Nothing Like You (An Extravagant Love Song)

George Freeman
Groove Merchant 519
Recorded 19??

1. There Will Never Be Another You
2. I Should Care
3. Time Was
4. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
5. I Remember You
6. I Wish I Knew
7. Emanon

April Aloisio
George Freeman
Southport (CD - 1999)

Von Freeman & Ed Petersen
Delmark (CD - 1999)
Thanks for the help of the following who provided information: Andrew Hill himself, Joanie Pallatto, Robert Campbell (early recordings/see link to his Ping label discography below), Armin Buettner and Ken Waxman (special thanks for his review of Von's birthday tribute) and via my appeal on the rec.music.bluenote newsgroup: Paul Adams, Darrell Fennell, Reg Schwager and Jack Woker. For some of the Charlie Parker information I used John C. Burton's Charlie Parker Discography
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An article on Von Freeman and Fred Anderson appears in the July 1996 issue of Down Beat.

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