This site is devoted to the recorded output of David Murray and demonstrates both his extensive and varied music legacy.

I first saw David Murray in concert when he appeared in my home town of Brisbane, Australia in 1991 with the World Saxophone Quartet. I have been a fan of his music since the mid 80s. When I first accessed the internet in October 1995 I was surprised not to find much material on David given that he is such a major figure in contemporary jazz so I set up this site to redress the imbalance.

I would like my site to be as complete and accurate as possible in covering David's recorded musical legacy so any additions, corrections and suggestions are welcome. For the latest up to date news I recommend you check out the David Murray site on MySpace.

I have been asked by some people to produce a critical discography but with the sheer volume of albums this is a bit daunting (anyway I don't own them all!). A new web site is attempting to provide an analysis of David's complete recordings. 


David Murray will appear at the Bath Festival with the Gwo Ka Masters on 31 May 2010.
Other tour dates can be found at




New album rel. Nov 2009 by David Murray & the Gwo Ka Masters
"The Devil Tried to Kill Me" (Justin Time 224)

The World Saxophone Quartet:
Left: The World Saxophone Quartet (David Murray, Arthur Blythe, Oliver Lake and Hamiett Bluiett)
in The Queen St. Mall, Brisbane, Australia 1991. David Murray finally toured Australia again,
some 17 years after his last visit in 2008 with his touring band of
Lafayette Gilchrist : piano
Jaribu Shahid : double bass and Malik Washington : drums

25th Anniversary - The New Chapter (Justin Time 149)

Click here to go straight to the WSQ discography

Arthur Blythe - Selected Discography by Freewill Artistry

The DISCOGRAPHY is divided into two tables:

Part 1 - DAVID MURRAY AS A LEADER or CO-LEADER in chronological recording order (84 separate albums so far)

Part 2 - DAVID MURRAY WITH OTHERS arranged alphabetically (51 albums appearances with others and 14 WSQ albums listed)

The SESSIONOGRAPHYcontaining details of the albums in the two discography tables is available with selected album
cover scans:

1975-1979 | 1980-1984 | 1985-1989 | 1990-1994| 1995-1999 | 2000-


David Murray articles appear in the 
following issues of Down Beat:

October 1985  - "Searching For The Sound" by Howard Mandel
November 1991 - "The Soul of the Church" by Larry Birnbaum
January 1993  - "So Much Music, So Little Time" by Bill Milkowski
June 1995  - "Obsessed" by Kevin Whitehead (cover pictured at right)
September 1996 - "New Life After Julius" (World Saxophone Quartet) by Herb Boyd
July 1998 - "Hit It Hard" (with James Carter) by Jim Macnie

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Michael Fitzgerald's Jazz Site has a number of good discographies and links for a variety of artists. It also includes a feature on jazz clarinet by
Matt Snyder which includes mention of David Murray's playing on that instrument.

The Jazz Clarinet Homepage maintained by Michael Cassara is the internet's largest resource of information on the clarinet and its place in jazz music.

Thanks for input from David's musical collaborators:

D.D. Jackson
(D.D. Jackson's Home Page/Justin Time site)

Donal Fox

 Site owner (left) with David during his Brisbane visit in 1991 with the WSQ.

and in 2008 following David's appearance at the Brisbane Jazz Festival
and also all at 3D Family in Paris and Jean-Pierre Leduc, International Director/A&R for Justin Time

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